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From Christian Edward Gruber <>
Subject Re: SCM URL field not sticky/not updating on web interface
Date Thu, 19 Oct 2006 19:57:34 GMT
What I did is create a user on the continuum machine (call it builder
for kicks), and an identical name on the SVN server (CVS would work this
way as well).  I made sure the builder@continuum can ssh via
certificates without passphrases to builder@cvs's account.  Then I have
builder own the continuum installation location, and start it up as that
user.  Any non-anonymous checkouts will (unless otherwise instructed)
use the builder id, who checks out of the repository normally.  (If you
had fine grained access control, you could make him a read-only user,
but then you couldn't do releases with the 1.1 release mechanism.  Anyway.

That set has worked without trouble.

Otherwise, I've setup projects wtih scm urls containing maven variables
that are resolved from profiles.  These variables would be for username,
etc.  I've had less success with the latter approach, though it's
arguably good to do in any case, if you can get it right.


Michael Kearney wrote:
> (intro removed)
>> I'm running Continuum 1.0.3 on Solaris 10 and I
>> originally ran as root but switched to user 'continuum'.  Any idea what I might
>> have done to myself?
>>      Thanks,
>>        Michael
> Michael Kearney <michaelkearney <at>> writes:
> Well,  it was a self-inflicted problem.  
> I want to use the RUN_AS_USER setting to be 'continuum'.
> When I do that, the continuum user can't write the .pid file so 
> I changed the permissions on the directory but now the GUI doesn't work.
> I reinstalled and am running sucessfully as root.
> So my general question is:
> Has anyone sucessfully configured Continuum on a Unix machine to run
> under a different (non-root) userid?
> What are the best practices for the userid that owns the CVS database,
> published website, and other build products?
>          Best Regards,
>               Michael


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