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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: Build tools
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2006 08:21:25 GMT
Ant and maven aren't packaged with continuum install, you need to install them separatly.

In your case, you have probably an ant installation somewhere on your disk but it isn't Continuum

that installed it.
If you're on a linux, you can find it with this command 'which ant'


Naess, Ronny a écrit :
> Hi, all.
> I have several projects running on Continuum 1.0.3. Mostly M2 projects
> but also two ant projects.
> I have some questions conserning configuration.
> Do I have to install ant and maven separatly to make continuum work? the
> reason I ask is because we had to do it for maven, but not for ant. How
> is this possible?
> Anyway if Ant is included with continuum. Where can I add ant library
> dependencies (svnant and ant-contrib) or better, how can I change what
> ant installation to use? 
> Am I doing it wrong here??
> -Ronny

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