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From Richard Wallace <>
Subject Re: Errant failure notification
Date Sat, 07 Oct 2006 20:42:02 GMT
Ooops.  My mistake.  The server that was sending the error was the
first server I had installed Continuum on.  I didn't realize it was
still running and didn't look closely enough at the error messages to
realize until I just shut down my newest continuum install and
continued to get the messages!


Richard Wallace wrote:
> I've got a build that failed once yesterday, and ever since then a
> failure message has been sent out every hour even though the build is
> now fixed and its last build status in Continuum was successful.  I
> even tried deleting the project from Continuum, but it still sends out
> the message.  I also tried restarting Continuum in the hope that some
> internal state might be reset.  It looks like there is something in
> the internal database that is messed up.  Any idea how I can fix this?
> Thanks,
> Rich

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