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From "Toli Kuznets" <>
Subject XML-RPC scripts to kick off the continuum builds with subversion
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2006 00:35:23 GMT
Not sure if this ever made it on this list - i've sent it to the
general maven user list instead a while ago.

hope this helps.

To follow-up on an old thread from

I was forwarded a set of old python scripts (thanks Tom) that
interface with Conntiuum using XML-RPC to force the builds.

These are actually based on the code from
However, i found that the calling code in python files does not
correspond to the latest in java API:

Anyway, i made some modifications to to match the actual
function names and # of params in the Java code, and wrote a simple
script that just always forces all the builds.

To make this work for those of you that want it, make these changes:
1. modify to specify the right address for your continuum server
2. modify your <continuum>/app/conf/application.xml to enable XML-RPC
and restart continuum
3. place the .py files somewhere (mine are in <svn-repo>/hooks directory)
3. modify your <svn-repo>/hooks/post-commit file to run the script


if someone with authority wants to add this to the sandbox directory,
that'd be great.

On 7/14/06, dan tran <> wrote:
> you will need to get your svn's hook script's postcommit/postcommit.bat to
> call a jvm with your java app that
> talk to continuum via XMLRPC.
> so the gut is the java code, not the script.
> Sorry I know this in theory only, but very comfortable it would work this
> way.

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