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From Attila Mezei-Horvati <>
Subject Re: settings.xml ignored
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2006 20:50:47 GMT

Yes, I have a multiple module project and multiple
profiles. If I check out the source code to the build
machine and run mvn help:active-profiles from command
line as the continuum user I get the expected result
(default is active). Which means the settings.xml is
found by maven.

However, in continuum if I check my project on the
Project View screen I have the SCM Url field noted as:


If I click on build project, I get the error:
      No files changed
Build Error:
Cannot checkout sources.${scm.base.url}/commons/trunk
url isn't a valid svn URL.
The scm url is invalid.

At the build definitions section I even added
-Ddefault as command line argument. Also, the Profile
field displays DEFAULT (note the lowercase uppercase

If I check the work folder what continuum says, my
projects should be its empty
(/.../builder/apps/work/27 for this one, but work is
empty.). I don't know if that is an issue.


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