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From Prashanth Krishnamurthy <>
Subject Perforce SCM using continuum
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2006 21:46:27 GMT
It seems that Maven/Continuum/SCM/Perforce plugin
creates a perforce clientspec dynamically.  Which
works fine when I use maven directly.  When I run mvn
–X scm:update things work ok.  I see a spec created, a
sync and then the spec is deleted.  Since the spec is
new each time, it refetches everything everytime,
which we can live with.  Although it would be nice if
the system could determine what was changed, added or
deleted and only update those files.  Which is one
reason I would prefer a fixed and static clientspec
that would be setup and reused for each project.

We have setup a set of inter-dependant projects in
continuum.  The Perforce SCM seems to have the
following problems:

1. When I look at the build results of any given
project.  The changes section always includes the
files from the project that was previously run along
with all of the files from the existing project.
(Files in the previous project are prefixed by the
//DepotName/main/packages/filename whereas the files
from the “real” project are prefixed by
src/main/packages/filename).   It appears to me that
the clientspec is not deleted at the end of the build.
 Instead the same clientspec is being reused.  I think
this confuses Perforce.  Yet when running mvn
scm:update thing appear to be done properly.

2. Files that are deleted from the perforce repository
are never deleted from the continuum working
directories.  Clean only cleans target files not src
files – as it should.  If you are generating
clientspecs on the fly, don’t we need to delete the
src directories so that deleted files are removed?

Has anyone experienced similar problems with
Continuums perforce SCM and dynamically generated
clientspecs?   Have you found solutions to these

Does anyone know how to configure the system to use
static clientspecs? I tried using the below mentioned
arguments ( in continuum ) and that didn't help.

Goal : clean deploy
Argument :
--batch-mode --non-recursive

thanks & regards

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