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From "Mark Donszelmann" <>
Subject default goal should maybe be "verify"
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2006 19:46:21 GMT

I was wondering why "clean verify" is not the default goal rather than 
"clean install".
My reasoning is the following.

I would like any user to just do some:

svn co url
cd directory

without running into any dependency of a non-deployed artifact.

Continuum should check if this will work. Since continuum runs multiple 
as a certain user it will by running "install" fill up the user's local 
repository with artifacts
of the projects that it checks. If project A depends on B and B is installed
in the local repository of the continuum user, then project A cannot any 
longer be
fully checked. A problem will arrise if project B is not deployed. A will 
find it
since B was installed by continuum itself.

I would argue that stopping at the phase before install, "verify", solves 
this problem
as continuum will now check for all dependencies being deployed (remote), 
the projects it is checking itself.

Have the developers of continuum given this any thought?

Mark Donszelmann
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

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