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From ArneD <>
Subject Re: Update over scm-local does not delete files removed from source dir
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2006 09:00:02 GMT

Emmanuel Venisse wrote:
>> thanks a lot for your answer. A ClearCase dynamic view looks like a
>> normal
>> filesystem, so I think scm-local in principle is a fine solution. I think
>> there wouldn't be much what a dedicated dynamic-view support in the
>> Clearcase SCM provider could add.
> Maybe it looks like a normal filesystem, but I think the clearcase server
> know if files are deleted 
> and update your local copy, right?

ClearCase of course has the information. But the problem is that a ClearCase
dynamic view resides on a virtual network share, e.g. \\view\some_view. You
can map it to a drive letter under windows, e.g. Z:, but I don't see a way
to define it in Continuum's working directory. So the files have to be
copied from the dynamic view to the working directory - and that's what
scm-local is doing.

>> Couldn't the scm-local adapter consider all files that are in the
>> checkout
>> dir but not in the source dir as deleted? This should be easy to
>> implement
>> and do the job.
> We can't, because some users (or the build) add some files in the checkout
> directory like the target 
> directory and they don't want to remove them at each build.

That's true. Maybe we could enhance scm-local to keep its own metadata? In
scm-local could maintain a simple file, say .maven-scm-local, that contains
as plain text the list of files in the source directory, as seen during the
last checkout or update operation:

- During checkout, the file .maven-scm-local is created in the checkout base
directory. Its just a plain text file containing the list of files that have
been checked out.
- The update command looks for the file. If it is there, it compares the
contents of that file to the current source directory contents (including
subdirs). All files that are in .maven-scm-local but are no longer in the
source dir, have been deleted in the source dir. The update command
therefore removes them from the checkout dir.
- If for whatever reason .maven-scm-local is not there, the update command
won't delete any files. That way, we're backwards compatible.
- After completing the update process, the update command rewrites the
.maven-scm-local metadata file.
- Even the changelog command can interpret .maven-scm-local
- For add and checkin commands, I don't think that changes are needed.

What do you think?


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