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From Seth <>
Subject Invalid parent-POM referenced by relative path problem
Date Fri, 08 Sep 2006 06:33:07 GMT

I was trying to make a site with Maven2 through Continuum from my java
If I define the <packaging>jar</packaging> in the parent POM everything is
going well but only one whole project jar being created.
This project have a lot of packages (modules) so I decided to create all of
the package jars as I can do in the ant build format.
I've tried only with one of the component at the moment because it's simple.
The hierarchy of the project looks like this:

I copy the relevant part of the poms here:
the /make/Maven2/pom.xml

  <name>Main app</name>

the /src/dir1/...dir5/pom.xml


After that I got this error message:
[INFO] [site:site]
[WARNING] Error loading report org.apache.maven.plugin.taglist.TagListReport
- AbstractMethodError: canGenerateReport()
[DEBUG] Attempting to source module information from local filesystem
[DEBUG] Searching for parent-POM: >PROJECT:Project_appl::4.5 of project:
dir1.dir2.dir3.dir4.dir5:Dir5_appl:pom:4.5 in relative path:
[DEBUG] Path specified in  (../../../../../../Make/Maven2/) is a directory.
Searching for 'pom.xml' within this directory.
[DEBUG] Invalid parent-POM referenced by relative path
'../../../../../../Make/Maven2/' in parent specification in
  Specified: >PROJECT:Project_appl::4.5
  Found:     PROJECT:Project_appl:pom:4.5
[DEBUG] Retrieving parent-POM: >PROJECT:Project_appl::4.5 for project:
dir1.dir2.dir3.dir4.dir5:Dir5_appl:pom:4.5 from the repository.
[DEBUG] Trying repository central

It's very strange for me that it works with jar and not with the pom tag. I
thing I did everything well but it seems like not. The difference between
the found and the specified tag is the :pom: tag. I can’t figure out how to
configure the child pom to recognize its parent.

So please help me to solve this problem. Thanks a lot.

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