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From "Wayne Fay" <>
Subject Re: Build rollback
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2006 05:11:51 GMT
In the event of a build failure, why would your continuous integration
tool even consider deploying it? When might you need this rollback in
real life?

I think the normal use case would be something along these lines:
build code, ok?
unit tests, ok?
integration tests, ok?
deploy somewhere (ideally not Prod yet), ok?
run some tests on the deployed app, ok?
deploy to Prod

If any of those steps fail, then you don't proceed to the next... So I
don't see how you'd ever get to the point of needing to rollback a
build via Continuum.

Unless of course you've deployed to Prod and found some disasterous
bug that you weren't able to test for in a previous step (or simply
don't have a QA/Test environment) and suddenly need to revert to a
previous build. But at that point, I don't see how you could ever
automate this without creating tests which you could/should run prior
to deploying to Prod...


On 9/12/06, Anoop kumar V <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I was wondering if Continuum offers a way of automated rollback of a failed
> build? This would be a very high priority requirement when using Continuum
> on production systems, where in the event of a build failure, the continuous
> integration tool would just revert back to the last successful build,
> thereby avoiding a production outage.
> --
> Thanks and best regards,
> Anoop

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