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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: Update over scm-local does not delete files removed from source dir
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2006 11:53:21 GMT
Are you sure it isn't possible to checkout sources in a specific folder with cleartool?


ArneD a écrit :
> Emmanuel Venisse wrote:
>>> thanks a lot for your answer. A ClearCase dynamic view looks like a
>>> normal
>>> filesystem, so I think scm-local in principle is a fine solution. I think
>>> there wouldn't be much what a dedicated dynamic-view support in the
>>> Clearcase SCM provider could add.
>> Maybe it looks like a normal filesystem, but I think the clearcase server
>> know if files are deleted 
>> and update your local copy, right?
> ClearCase of course has the information. But the problem is that a ClearCase
> dynamic view resides on a virtual network share, e.g. \\view\some_view. You
> can map it to a drive letter under windows, e.g. Z:, but I don't see a way
> to define it in Continuum's working directory. So the files have to be
> copied from the dynamic view to the working directory - and that's what
> scm-local is doing.
>>> Couldn't the scm-local adapter consider all files that are in the
>>> checkout
>>> dir but not in the source dir as deleted? This should be easy to
>>> implement
>>> and do the job.
>> We can't, because some users (or the build) add some files in the checkout
>> directory like the target 
>> directory and they don't want to remove them at each build.
> That's true. Maybe we could enhance scm-local to keep its own metadata? In
> particular, 
> scm-local could maintain a simple file, say .maven-scm-local, that contains
> as plain text the list of files in the source directory, as seen during the
> last checkout or update operation:
> - During checkout, the file .maven-scm-local is created in the checkout base
> directory. Its just a plain text file containing the list of files that have
> been checked out.
> - The update command looks for the file. If it is there, it compares the
> contents of that file to the current source directory contents (including
> subdirs). All files that are in .maven-scm-local but are no longer in the
> source dir, have been deleted in the source dir. The update command
> therefore removes them from the checkout dir.
> - If for whatever reason .maven-scm-local is not there, the update command
> won't delete any files. That way, we're backwards compatible.
> - After completing the update process, the update command rewrites the
> .maven-scm-local metadata file.
> - Even the changelog command can interpret .maven-scm-local
> - For add and checkin commands, I don't think that changes are needed.
> What do you think?
> Regards,
> Arne

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