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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: Update over scm-local does not delete files removed from source dir
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2006 16:05:38 GMT

ArneD a écrit :
> Emmanuel Venisse wrote:
>> scm-local was developped for tests and it's used in some case when a scm
>> provider isn't available 
>> like dynamic-view support for Clearcase.
>> It's a very simple provider that copy file from sources directory, but it
>> can't know if some files 
>> are deleted because it doesn't have some metadata that can inform it.
>> The only possibility you have for the moment is to remove the checkout
>> directory and run a new 
>> build. But the best way would be to add dynamic-view support in clearcase
>> provider. Only clearcase 
>> users will can add this features because we don't know clearcase and we
>> don't have access to a 
>> clearcase server.
> Hello Emmanuel,
> thanks a lot for your answer. A ClearCase dynamic view looks like a normal
> filesystem, so I think scm-local in principle is a fine solution. I think
> there wouldn't be much what a dedicated dynamic-view support in the
> Clearcase SCM provider could add.

Maybe it looks like a normal filesystem, but I think the clearcase server know if files are
and update your local copy, right?

> Couldn't the scm-local adapter consider all files that are in the checkout
> dir but not in the source dir as deleted? This should be easy to implement
> and do the job.

We can't, because some users (or the build) add some files in the checkout directory like
the target 
directory and they don't want to remove them at each build.


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