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From Prashanth Krishnamurthy <>
Subject Cargo deploy on to a remote machine
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2006 21:46:37 GMT
I am trying to deploy my application to a running
tomcat instance on a different machine. I have tried
the following and haven't been successfully. What is
the right way to do this? Please suggest.

1.mvn cargo:deploy - This works fine only when the
tomcat instance doesn't have my application deployed. 

2. mvn cargo:deploy - This fails when run against a
tomcat instance which already has my application
running or deployed.

Failed to deploy [c:\main\app\ui\target\aa.war]
Application already exists at path /aa

3. mvn cargo:deployer-redeploy - This goal undeploys
and redeploys the application. I guess this is
deploying the existing war file without refreshing
with the new war file.

4. mvn cargo:deployer-redeploy - This fails when run
against a tomcat instance which doesn't have my 
running or deployed.

[INFO] Failed to redeploy
FAIL - No context exists for path /aa


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