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Subject Re: Update over scm-local does not delete files removed from source dir
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2006 10:52:34 GMT
> my Continuum installation is accessing a file system directory using
> scm-local provider to get sources (BTW, the directory is on a ClearCase
> dynamic view). Updates are working fine as long as files are only changed or
> added. But when files are removed from the source directory, they still
> exist in the target directory. Especially after refactoring activities, this
> leads to build errors.

Make sure you are runnning clean goal in maven.  When you do a clean it
should delete this info from the target directories.  And that will fix
your problem.

BTW, you'll speed up your build if you get maven to put the target
directories somewhere else, outside of the dynamic view, as dynamic
views can be slow.


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