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Subject clearcase and continuum
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2006 14:23:35 GMT

I've been trying to setup continuum to build my maven 2 project from
clearcase.  It took me a while to work out how get it working and I'm
not quite there yet.  The last hurdle is the error "Could not find Maven
project descriptor" which I believe is because continuum in looking for
a pom.xml file in the top level of my view and not finding one.
My pom.xml is actually in \myVob\myProject\src\pom.xml how can I tell
continuum to look there rather than at the top level?



Appendix - What I've done so far

First I changed my top level pom (I have a multi-module build) to
include the scm element...


Then I added configspecs/DEV_AAA-stream-latest.txt to clearcase, we've
got a UCM setup here (what a pain!) so the config spec is...

element * CHECKEDOUT
element "[213719983a1411d9942400025cdbaa4c=\myVob]/myProject/..."
element "[213719983a1411d9942400025cdbaa4c=\myVob]/myProject/..."
INIT_UCM_myProject_myProject_IMPORT -mkbranch DEV_AAA
element "[213719983a1411d9942400025cdbaa4c=\myVob]/myProject/..."
/main/0 -mkbranch DEV_AAA

element * /main/0 -ucm -nocheckout

load \myVob\myProject

Then, I unziped continuum to a new folder.  Opened application.xml and
enabled the file protocol. Started continuum via the .bat file.  Went to
the web interface, set it up, logged in and went to Add Maven 2 project. 
Now before I added the top level pom.xml, I checked it out and commented
out all the modules, but did not check it in.  This was to work around
the default behaviour of adding a continuum build for each module (any
way to disable this?).  Then I added the pom.xml using a file:// url.
After it was added I edited the build via the web interface and removed
--no-recurse option and added the -X option (-X adds extra debug info

Then I click build now.  The view updates ok (as I've set my
.scm/clearcase-settings.xml file correctly), but then the pom.xml can't
be found....

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