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From "Barrie Treloar" <>
Subject My nightly builds don't appear to be scheduled (sometimes), how do I check what is going wrong?
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2006 22:44:00 GMT
I have a project that contains modules.

I have added that project and all it's modules and they are run hourly
as per DEFAULT_SCHEDULE using "clean deploy", --batch-mode
--non-recursive, pom.xml, DEFAULT, DEFAULT_SCHEDULE

I also have a nightly build "NIGHTLY_SITE_BUILD", Build and deploy the
site nightly, 0 15 19 ? * MON-FRI.  I have added the project only (no
modules) to the nightly build which runs these arguments "clean site
site:deploy", --batch-mode, pom.xml, DEFAULT, NIGHTLY_SITE_BUILD.

The reason that a duplicate project was added to Continuum is that if
you just add another Build Definition into the project then by the
time 7pm comes around there are no changes in CVS as the DEFAULT build
definition has already done all the work and the site is not

The wierd thing is that the site build runs sometimes.
If I go into the continuum working directory and run cvs -n update I
can see that there are files that need updating.  That would indicate
that this particular project and build definition are not being run.
The Builds tab (rightly) doesn't list each time the build is attempted
to run and that there is nothing new to run a build against, but is
there something I can do to tweak the logs so that this information
gets written to continuum.log?

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