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Subject using continuum from a remote repository build thru maven deploy
Date Tue, 29 Aug 2006 12:59:34 GMT

I am trying to work with continuum and I have a multi module project. The
multi module project in continuum requires a URL reference to the parent
POM. I was trying to point the http URL to the parent pom.xml created on
remote repository using mvn deploy. Problem I am facing is that the mvn
deploy does not deploy the artifacts and pom.xml in the same directory
structure as is on my c drive.

For example my parent project is conversion and it has 2 modules
conversion1 and conversion2.

In my c drive the directory structure is as follows

c:\covnersion (c:\conversion\pom.xml has groupId as "com.mycompany" and
artifactId as "conversion" and version number as "SNAPSHOT".)

c:\conversion\conversion1 (c:\conversion\conversion1\pom.xml  has reference
to parent pom and its artifactId is "conversion1" )

c:\conversion\conversion2 (c:\conversion\conversion2\pom.xml  has reference
to parent pom and its artifactId is "conversion2" )

 but when I do mvn deploy

the remote repository has the following directory structure.




So when I point the continuum url to

(Embedded image moved to file: pic09514.gif)

continuum is unable to locate the module pom's .

How do I resolve this? Any ideas would be appreciated.


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