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From <>
Subject XML-RPC client - getting build state by BuildId/BuildDefinition
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2006 19:05:55 GMT
I tried playing with the java XML-RPC client for continuum, and had a couple questions. 

- For a given project, I would like to query the state of the most recent build for each build
definition. Is this possible? 
- For a given project, what is contained in the list returned by project.getBuildResults()
? I always seem to get an empty list returned.
- For the ProjectsReader, is the only way to get refreshProject() to work by giving it a project
with its ID set? Or are there other members that could be set instead? I tried setting group/artifactId,
which I figured would be unique, but I got a NPE instead.
- Are javadocs published online anywhere for the XML-RPC client, let alone the rest of continuum?
I had trouble finding them.

The reason I'm interested in this is because if you have a project with multiple build definitions,
continuum doesn't handle the notifications too well. If one definition constantly results
in a successful build, and the other in a failed/error build, you will continously get notifications
of "build success" and "build failure" since the build state is constantly switching. It would
be nice to be able to group a number of build definitions together as a 'single build' for
the purpose of build state. Until that's possible, I was hoping to grab the right information
and come to the proper conclusion using the xml-rpc client if possible.


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