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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: Maven2 multi module projects in different locations
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2006 12:12:07 GMT
You can create symbolic links in svn with svn:external property. With this, you'll can create
"normal" directory structure.

in svn:
project_trunks  =>with svn:external property defines to each trunk directory
   pom.xml => with modules defined like if they are real subdirectories

I think it's the best approach to work with svn and a project splitted in multiple trunk directories.


Aino A a écrit :
> Hi,
> We have a multi module project with an ear, view and model subproject. These
> projects are defined in our svn repository as separate projects with their
> own trunk, tags and branches. We would like, need, a Maven organisation with
> a parent pom file and to use Continuum.
> However, this is doesn't seem a trivial exercise and we tried different
> approaches, but none of them fully satisfy us.
> 1) When we use a dummy project with only the pom files in the preferred
> directory structure, the parent project does not contain the sources of the
> subprojects and cannot make a correct build. However, the children projects
> are fully functional, but are not build when the dependent projects are
> build (as discussed elsewhere on this forum).
> 2) When I put the parent pom.xml file in the root directory of svn and
> include the trunk dir in the module name, it works but then the parent
> project downloads everything (including all the tags and branches of all the
> undelying directories) and it does not work on our local filesystem anymore
> (because of the trunk in the module name)
> Any suggestions? 
> Ciao
>     Aino

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