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From "Kapil Gupta\(CT\)" <>
Subject RE: Resolving Source code dependency among modules?
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2006 04:43:26 GMT
Hi Jesse,

My problem is not w.r.t resolving compile time dependencies (class file
dependencies). But it is actually problem of generating source code in a
different module. 
Since Continuum allocates a number for each module in its working
directory, I cannot generate the source code of module B from module A.
Am using clean package install as my build definition.

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From: Jesse McConnell [] 
Sent: Tuesday, August 08, 2006 4:34 AM
Subject: Re: Resolving Source code dependency among modules?

sounds like you need to be having each of the subprojects installing
into the local repository so they can be referenced from the other

ie, the maven process that is running on each of the subprojects is
running as some user, and the local repository for that user is not
getting the other subprojects installed into it and are therefore not
able to gain access to those generated classes..

I had thought that the install was one of the default build
definitions, how are you configured for build definitions right now?


On 8/7/06, Kapil Gupta(CT) <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a multi-module (Spring based) project and there is a case where
> module A is generating source code of module B and module B generates
> source code of module C. The reason behind this is that I have
> interfaces of my application in module A and using a perl script to
> generate remote implementations (which internally call local
> implementation) in module B. Module B again uses perl scripts to
> generate iiop stubs in module C and Soap adapters in module D. All
> modules are in parallel i.e. under same parent directory.
> Am able to compile and package everything if I use a parent pom to
> all these modules and specify scm tag there only instead of in each
> child pom.
> But in that case I can't build modules individually as there is no SCM
> tag specified in child modules. Even on specifying scm tag in each
> module, I can't generate source code of module B from Module A as they
> are in parallel directories.
> Is there any way I can refer to module B from module A? Is there any
> other way to tackle this kind of situation?
> Thanks,
> Kapil
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