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From "Christian Gruber" <>
Subject RE: DB connection details
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2006 16:01:50 GMT
I think that you might be falling victim to a fundamental problem with unit
test design.  Unit tests should really not be connecting to the database at
all.  If possible, they should be mocked out entirely, or at worst,
simulated with an in-memory database such as HSQLDB.  

If you absolutely need to do so, then you're going to have to abide by open
and plain-text passwords being visible, or you'll have to do more creative
things like setting up some authentication scheme with LDAP and variable

As a minimal workaround, you can always use maven variables in your pom.xml
files to specify db connections for the tests, and set those variables in
your build user's settings.xml file.  The settings.xml file should be
inaccessible to everyone but root and the build user in question, and you
would never see the actual passwords in anything that could be accessed by

Regardless, providing a database connection to an otherwise secure database
server weakens its security to the level of security of the build user, so
you need to either deal with that as it is, or find alternatives to the
database connection.

An alternative is to set up a local, minimal copy of the database sufficient
to run tests (i.e. no customer data, but all reference data present with all
necessary reference data).  This way there's no security downside to
providing connection to the build user, because it's not a system with any
protected content.  All sample data is realistic, but not real.


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From: Shute, James [] 
Sent: Friday, August 11, 2006 11:47 AM
To: Continuum Users
Subject: DB connection details


I've got a Maven1 project building under Continuum, but now have some
unit tests that need to connect to a database.

When I just run the tests on my box via Maven then I leave the username
/ password blank so it uses the integrated security and picks up the
username / password of the current user, which is great and works

But when running under Continuum this doesn't work as the account it's
running as doesn't have DB access.  Now due to various audit / security
policies in place here giving that account access to the db isn't an

Now the only working solution I've come up with so far is to specify
system properties on the command line which give the username and
password.  These can then be specified in the arguments section on the
project build definition page in Continuum.

BUT.  Those values are publicly viewable, i.e. everybody can see the
password and I'm not exactly keen on that.  Access to the build box is
more restricted so a solution based on a local file there would be
better (even if the password has to be stored as plain text)

Anybody got any suggestions?  I would just put the properties in the
local file for the project on the build box, but that
gets blown away by the CVS update.



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