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From "Barrie Treloar" <>
Subject Additional build definitions are not being run (e.g. nightly build schedule)
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2006 23:13:10 GMT
I have defined for my top level projects a second build definition

Goals = site site:deploy  	
Arguments = --batch-mode  	
POM File =pom.xml  	
Profile = DEFAULT  	
>From = Project

Where NIGHTLY_SITE_BUILD is (runs at 7:15 pm mon-fri)
Description = Build and deploy the site nightly
Cron = 0 15 19 ? * MON-FRI
Quiet Period (seconds) = 0

I'm finding that my site documentation is saying "Last Published:
06/28/2006" indicating it is not running as expected.

If I look at the "Builds" section of the project under Continuum, then
there isn't any way to tell which schedule caused the build to occur,
but none of them appear to be starting at 7:15pm.

I'm assuming that this is failing because there have been no changes
to the repository and hence the default build has already successully
built the project and the secondary build definition will not fire.

So I have added the parent project again to Continuum, and deleted the
module definitions that automatically get added.  So now I have two
projects with the same name in Continuum but I can have different
build definitions for these two projects.

Is this the way people are expecting things to work?

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