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From "Barrie Treloar" <>
Subject Re: How to install artifact created with assembly artifact into Continuum's local repository
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2006 01:18:30 GMT
On 7/5/06, Mark Reynolds <> wrote:
> I have changed my multi-project build so it only builds the parent pom
> without --non-recursive.

There are some double negatives here.

Do you mean you have deleted your other projects from the continuum
build and that there is now only one project which is the parent
project and for the parent project you have deleted the
--non-recursive argument in the continuum build definitions arguments?

> My parent pom is <packaging>pom</packaging> and
> the only thing that gets copied to the internal "Deployment
> Repository"     is the parent pom. Is this the expected behavior? I would
> like to have all my module artifacts as well as artifacts created by the
> assembly plugin put into this repository. Is this possible?

Continuum just runs the commands the same as you would on the command line.

Go into the working directory that continuum is using and invoke by
hand the same command.

If it doesn't work by hand, fix it.
Once it works as you expect it, continuum will behave the same way.

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