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From Mark Reynolds <>
Subject Re: How to install artifact created with assembly artifact into Continuum's local repository
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2006 15:15:31 GMT

I don't think this is working as expected.

Emmanuel Venisse wrote:
> The internal continuum repo (that can be configured in the configuration 
> screen) is independant of local/remote maven repository. Continuum copy 
> artifacts in it (even without deploy goal) when the build is in success 
> and maven copy artifacts in local repo with install goal and in the 
> remote repo with deploy goal.
> You can use this internal repo if you want to use snapshots built by 
> continuum.

I would like to use it as you describe, however, the only artifact that 
goes into it is the parent pom.

Here is my setup:

parent pom (packaging: pom)
   -- child pom 1 (packaging: jar;
   |               execution for jar:test-jar;
   |               execution for assembly:attached creating a jar)
   -- child pom 2 (packaging: war;
                   execution for assembly:attached creating a jar)

Continuum is building 1 project: the parent pom without --non-recursive. 
All of the artifacts (4 jars and 1 war) are copied into the 
~/.m2/repository. However, only the parent pom.xml is copied into the 
"Deployment Repository".

Am I doing something wrong, or is this the intended behavior, or is it a 
bug and I should I create a report in JIRA?

Thanks for your help!

-- Mark R

> Emmanuel
> Christian Gruber a écrit :
>> While this is true, there is a "deployment artifact" repository which is
>> separate from the local repo (~/.m2/repository) of the user running
>> continuum.  This can be configured within Continuum.  It is a proper 
>> repo,
>> not a local repo, and continuum deploys artifacts into this repo, even if
>> you don't have a "deploy" goal.  Maybe Emanuel can shed some light on 
>> this
>> process.
>> Regards,
>> Christian.
>> christian gruber + agile coach and architect
>> Israfil Consulting Services Corporation
>> email + bus +1 (905) 640-1119
>> cell: +1 (416) 998-6023 + cell: +1 (410) 900-0796
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>> From: Barrie Treloar [] Sent: Tuesday, July 
>> 04, 2006 9:15 PM
>> To:
>> Subject: Re: How to install artifact created with assembly artifact into
>> Continuum's local repository
>> On 6/15/06, Mark Reynolds <> wrote:
>>> I should have mentioned that I am not talking about the local repository
>>> used by maven (in .m2). Artifacts created with the assembly plugin get
>>> installed in there just fine.
>>> Rather, I can't see how to get them to install into the local repository
>>> configured in Continuum 1.0.3. Should I be able to do this?
>> This makes no sense to me.
>> The local repository used by maven and continuum are one and the same.
>> Can you explain this further.

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