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From Mark Reynolds <>
Subject Re: Why so many directories
Date Tue, 04 Jul 2006 21:05:08 GMT
My experience is that with a multi-module project, you should do as 
advised here by Emmanuel  delete all but the parent project builds, and 
remove --non-recursive from the parent project.

Under the default scenario, where continuum tries to build each module 
separately, it doesn't seem like this is perfected yet. For example, if 
the project polling happens to be in progress when you check in, it may 
build the sub modules in the wrong order and lead to build errors, which 
must be rectified by manually rebuilding things in the proper order. Or 
if you check in a change to one module, it will not automatically 
rebuild the dependent modules. I assume these things will be fixed in 
the future, but I don't see that there is any big advantage to having 
each module built separately by continuum unless there get to be very 
many modules, perhaps.

When I just have the entire build being executed from the parent pom, 
like I would normally do with "mvn install" on my local machine, 
everything works quite well for me.

-- Mark R

Emmanuel Venisse wrote:
> Jeff Mutonho a écrit :
>> On 7/4/06, Emmanuel Venisse <> wrote:
>>> Actually, continuum create one project by module and it checkout each 
>>> module in its own directory.
>>> If you don't want one project by module, you can delete all modules 
>>> in continuum interface and
>>> remove --non-recursive from the build definition of your parent project.
>>> Emmanuel
>> Thanks Emmanuel , but where is this "non-recursive" field
>> removed?Which configuration file?The website just says "If you want to
>> build recursively from the parent, you have to remove the
>> --non-recursive or -N argument under the "Build Definitions" section
>> of your parent project."
>> Is this changed in the pom.xml?
> It isn't in pom.xml. You'll find it in continuum interface.
> In the summary page, click on your project, then you'll see the build 
> definitions list, then, edit build definition and remove --non-recursive.
> A build definition is the command line that continuum will use to build 
> your project.
> Emmanuel

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