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From "Jesse McConnell" <>
Subject Re: sub project notifications
Date Fri, 28 Jul 2006 02:32:32 GMT
I don't think it will use that childs notification element, I don't
think continuum actually knows anything about that subproject when it
comes to it failing and sending out notifications.

on the bright side project groups are getting a rework in the next
version of continuum :)


On 7/27/06, Brian E. Fox <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> We're currently running 1.0.3 on several large multiprojects. I needed
> to add just the parents and clear the non-recursive flag because having
> each module as a standalone entity in continuum was unmanageable (we
> have ~50 modules in several branches for around 100+ total). If I set a
> notification element in one of the child poms, will continuum use that
> to notify? Example:
> A--
>     B--
>         C
>         D
>     E
> If I set a notification email in B, when the build fails in C or D, will
> that be sent, or will it only send notifications configured in A since
> that's the only project configured directly in continuum?

jesse mcconnell

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