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From "Jesse McConnell" <>
Subject Re: Configuring Continuum to authenticate with SCM
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2006 20:55:10 GMT
you should just need to setup the settings.xml file for the user that
is running the continuum instance.

general rule of thumb is that if you can run it from the commandline
it ought to run in continuum.

There is a url format that you can use when pointing at the top lvl
pom.xml when adding the m2 project


that should bypass certificates as well, there is something janky with
it right now as well so you _may_ need to hit that url, then with the
s in the https with the same url and then again the url above.  there
is a jira ticket on that strangeness


On 7/26/06, Chris Audley <> wrote:
> I'm new to Continuum and I'm trying to get my first project up and
> running.
> The code for the project is stored in a subversion repository accessed
> through secure HTTP (Apache server).  All access to the repository
> requires authentication.  I can create an account for the continuum
> server, but how do I configure the account information in pom.xml and
> settings.xml for the server to authenticate?
> Thanks for any help
> Chris

jesse mcconnell

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