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From "Jeff Mutonho" <>
Subject Re: Ladies and Gents...does Continuum actually work?
Date Tue, 04 Jul 2006 14:07:18 GMT
> Perhaps your scm url (scm:cvs:pserver:mutonj:mutonj@
) is wrong.
> Are you sure it isn't
> scm:cvs:pserver:mutonj:mutonj@ ?

Yes I'm sure , because the correct modules are checked out.The
checking out is working

> Continuum is an open source project. If you consider the documentation is poor, you can
>contribute  to it and provide some patches.

With all due respect ,this is a famous response :) .One can only
contribute once you have an understanding of what's going on and how
something works.Without that understanding ,you cannot contribute.In
any case , a project being an open source one , does not necessarily
mean it should have poor documentation(think Hibernate , Spring and
their success).The reasons for joining the mailing is to try and get
the understanding :)


Jeff  Mutonho

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