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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: Additional build definitions are not being run (e.g. nightly build schedule)
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2006 12:32:20 GMT

Barrie Treloar a écrit :
> I have defined for my top level projects a second build definition
> Goals = site site:deploy     
> Arguments = --batch-mode     
> POM File =pom.xml     
> Profile = DEFAULT     
> Schedule = NIGHTLY_SITE_BUILD     
>> From = Project
> Where NIGHTLY_SITE_BUILD is (runs at 7:15 pm mon-fri)
> Description = Build and deploy the site nightly
> Cron = 0 15 19 ? * MON-FRI
> Quiet Period (seconds) = 0
> I'm finding that my site documentation is saying "Last Published:
> 06/28/2006" indicating it is not running as expected.
> If I look at the "Builds" section of the project under Continuum, then
> there isn't any way to tell which schedule caused the build to occur,
> but none of them appear to be starting at 7:15pm.

A build is started and saved only if changes appears in your scm. We don't rebuild a project
if ther 
aren't changes since the last execution of the current build definition.

In 1.1, you'll can choose for a build definition if you want to build a project with or without

> I'm assuming that this is failing because there have been no changes
> to the repository and hence the default build has already successully
> built the project and the secondary build definition will not fire.
> So I have added the parent project again to Continuum, and deleted the
> module definitions that automatically get added.  So now I have two
> projects with the same name in Continuum but I can have different
> build definitions for these two projects.
> Is this the way people are expecting things to work?

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