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From "Adam Leggett" <>
Subject Build Version Numbering
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2006 10:44:51 GMT
Hi all,

I have added a versioning profile to a Maven 2 pom as follows

<id>increment version</id>
<taskdef name="jreleaseinfo"
<jreleaseinfo className="SimpleVersionInfo"
<message>incremented build version</message>

This allows me to display the build version of my app when its packaged.
I'd like to tie this to my continuum builds somehow. If only continuum
runs the profile, it does the increment and checks in the version
number. I'd like to match the version number to continuums own build
number, but I cant figure how to do this.

Continuum seems to 
a) not list failed builds with an id and
b) log the builds with a different id e.g. my m2 project build#5 is
logged as 135.log.txt

Does anyone have an idea of how to best approach this issue of
versioning builds with continuum?



Adam Leggett <>
Senior Consultant
Direct Line: 0113 20 10 631
Fax: 0113 20 10 666

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