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From andy_rs <>
Subject Re: cvs local checkot problem
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2006 13:19:07 GMT

Actually that's the URL I assume is being produced by continuum when I try to
add a multi project pom ( I don't know for sure) ... The continuum docs
state that the module name gets appended to the scm url of the parent
project. Since I have specified this in the parent pom..


and given the resultant cvs command has a leading slash in the module name I
just assumed that an 'effective' scm url of this form is being generated (I
may be wrong though).

I've tried removing the trailing slash after cvsroot as well with no effect,
and if I omit the trailing pipe character then continuum complains about an
invalid scm url :-(

Incidentally I can get around this problem by manually adding scm urls to
the child poms that remove the slash - i.e. 


... and adding the child poms individually. Instead of going for a
multiproject import.

However it seem to be a very un-mavenic way of doing things ... it won't
scale well as the number of modules grows It should be possibe to specify
the bulk of the information in the parent pom and only the project specifics
in the child right?

Thanks for continuing to help tho - is there anything else you think I can
try? I'm running out of things I can think of. :-(



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