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From ArneD <>
Subject Re: ClearCase SCM and Continuum
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2006 20:22:58 GMT

Wim Deblauwe wrote:
>> >
>> > I found another workaround by building the super-module recursively:
>> Delete
>> > all sub-modules. Change the super module definition and remove the
>> > "--non-recursive" option from the build targets.
>> >
> Maybe we need an option in Continuum so the user can select if he wants
> his
> submodules as seperate modules (default now) or as just 1 project without
> the --non-recursive option?

Yes, I believe that would be helpful.

>> > By the way, do you know has anybody planned to implement the "checkout
>> by
>> > tag" functionality for ClearCase, so that the Maven release plugin can
>> be
>> > used?
>> you can perhaps help Wim and us if you can provide this feature in
>> maven-scm.
> That would be great if you could do that. I started the ClearCase
> implementation because I hoped we would be moving to M2 soon, but it still
> has not happend. Currently, I can't spend any more time on the SCM
> implementation of ClearCase to do that, so if you could help out, it would
> be great!

I am not sure if I can do something here. I am currently helping a customer
in setting up a Maven-based build environment. (They use ClearCase at the
moment but think about moving to SVN which would make it obsolete.) My own
ClearCase knowledge is very limited, and I also do not have access to a
ClearCase environment when I'm not on-site with the customer. But I'll see
if I can do something. Can't promise though.

>> > And, at last, one suggestion. I believe the ClearCase integration would
>> be
>> > even better, if the SCM url would contain all necessary information
>> (like
>> > with CVS, SVN, ...). To define the config spec as an external file adds
>> > unnecessary complexity for the users. Anyway, thank you and all Maven /
>> > Continuum developers! You've done a great job. But for a broad
>> acceptance of
>> > Maven, I believe, a simplification of some issues would be helpful.
>> All proposals are welcome.
> Yes, how would you do that in 1 line? Most config specs are at least 2
> lines, so that is why we need an external file. But if you can think of
> something, please do.

My idea was that maybe the config spec could be generated by the SCM plugin.
That would somehow anyway be necessary in order to make the "checkout from a
tag" functionality work.

But, as said, I currently only have limited ClearCase knowledge, and I am
not sure what can be specified in the config spec and how much flexibility
is needed there. Anyway, the trivial cases I've seen so far, were mostly the
same two lines that are needed for checking out the main trunk:

element * CHECKEDOUT
element * /main/LATEST

Maybe a config spec can generated for most cases (for checking out from the
main trunk, from branches and from tags). The SCM url could look similiar to
a SVN SCM url in that case. Optionally a reference to ones own config spec
could be specified with a SCM url similiar to the current ClearCase SCM url.

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