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From ArneD <>
Subject ClearCase SCM and Continuum
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2006 16:17:08 GMT


I am trying to use Maven and Continuum with ClearCase as the SCM provider.

In my pom I have the following entry:


My config spec file myproj.txt looks like this:

element * CHECKEDOUT
element * /main/LATEST
load /TEST/integration/components/MyProj

The clearcase-settings.xml looks like this:


1. When I add the project to Continuum, the server cannot find the pom.xml.
This is due to the fact that the pom.xml is not directly in the working
directory, but in a subdirectory. When I change the POM filename in the
Continuum build definition to TEST/integration/components/MyProj/pom.xml,
everything works fine. Is there a way to avoid this manual editing? Can
something be specified in the POM instead?

2. The situation is worse when working with multi-module projects: When
adding the parent POM to Continuum, also the submodules are automatically
added. The problem is that Continuum automatically changes the SCM URL to,
for example, scm:clearcase:\\svxxxxx\ccviews\myproj.txt/submodule1. That
does not work, of course. To be precise, the "cleartool mkview" call works,
but the "cleartool setcs" does not, because it cannot find the config spec.
After changing the SCM url manually (and also the POM location in the build
definition), the build still does not work. cleartool says that "A registry
entry already exists for <VIEW-NAME>". This is due to the fact that the
first mkview call was successful. So far, I was not able to resolve this.

Thanks for your help!

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