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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: ClearCase SCM and Continuum
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2006 14:43:30 GMT

ArneD a écrit :
> Thank you, Wim!
> Wim Deblauwe wrote:
>> 1) This is the way that ClearCase works, there is nothing I know we can do
>> about it.
> Maybe something could be changed in Continuum and the POM schema, so that
> the POM location relative to the SCM checkout directory could be specified
> within the POM.
>> 2) I guess the workaround here would be to add the submodules
>> individually.
>> You can remove the view that was created via cleartool or from the
>> clearcase
>> home base.
> I found another workaround by building the super-module recursively: Delete
> all sub-modules. Change the super module definition and remove the
> "--non-recursive" option from the build targets.
> By the way, do you know has anybody planned to implement the "checkout by
> tag" functionality for ClearCase, so that the Maven release plugin can be
> used?

you can perhaps help Wim and us if you can provide this feature in maven-scm.

> And, at last, one suggestion. I believe the ClearCase integration would be
> even better, if the SCM url would contain all necessary information (like
> with CVS, SVN, ...). To define the config spec as an external file adds
> unnecessary complexity for the users. Anyway, thank you and all Maven /
> Continuum developers! You've done a great job. But for a broad acceptance of
> Maven, I believe, a simplification of some issues would be helpful.

All proposals are welcome.

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