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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: Automatically deploy snapshot bulds to remote repo
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2006 16:48:57 GMT
if you don't have scm activity on a project that don't have in dev, continuum won't build it
so it 
won't deploy artifacts.


ArneD a écrit :
> Thank you, Emmanuel.
> Emmanuel Venisse wrote:
>> yes, goals to use is "clean deploy", but continuum don't know what is a
>> project in dev and a 
>> released project. Generally, when we release a project, the code is tagged
>> and the code in trunk is 
>> updated to an incremented snapshot version.
> "clean deploy" works well if you always have a snapshot version under
> development. But that's not the case for every project. Sometimes you
> release a version, and do not have plans for a future release yet. You do
> not know, will the next rel. be a major or a minor release? Wiill there be a
> next release at all? etc.
> At the moment, I only see one solution, but I do not like it very much:
> - Only keep "snapshot" versions in Continuum.
> - Set build goals to "clean deploy"
> - Make sure that Continuum only deploys snapshot versions by defining only
> the snapshot repository in the distributionManagement section of the pom.
> The release repository would be defined within a profile section that has to
> explicitly be enabled, e.g. by parameter -Drelease=true.
> That way the deployment of the release version can only be done manually,
> when the user explicitly sets the -Drelease=true parameter. If, by mistake,
> a release version is in Continuum, the build will fail because of the
> missing distributionManagement information.
> Do you have a better idea?
> Thanks again
> Arne
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