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From Baron Reznik <>
Subject Re: Adding extra modules to parent pom does not create an extra project in continuum
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2006 21:35:48 GMT
> > > If I try to add the module pom I get an error that it can not find the
> > > dependency version information (since that is specified in the parent
> > > pom).
> >
> > what is the error? How do you define the version in your module?
> I am not at work, so this is from memory.
> The error is for dependencies.
> I have been removing the version identified as this is now in the
> dependencyManagement section of the parent pom.
> But when adding the module pom I think it is failing to find the
> parent pom (or even looking for it) and gives you an error that the
> version for the dependency is mandatory and missing.
Perhaps the parent pom's module has not been 'installed' in continuum's
repository with the dependencyManagement section?

> > > What is the correct way to get another module included in the build?
> >
> > add new modules one by one or delete all (parent and sub-modules) and readd the
> So you are saying that adding the module should work correctly.
> I will look into it more.

Is there any plans to change this? It would ideally be nice if any time
new modules were found, they were just added in the same fashion
continuum adds them when it initially loads a multi-module pom. On a
large project, it can be hard to keep up sometimes with new modules that
get created.


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