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From "Michael Rimov" <>
Subject RE: Windows and Continuum Items
Date Sun, 18 Jun 2006 10:29:55 GMT
> See [1], you need to make sure that the Maven process properly returns
> the exit code.
> [1]:
> successful-build

Duh -- And I had even used the FAQ to fix CVS issues. <blush-sigh>

Thank you very very much!!

P.S. Perhaps changing the title of the FAQ entry from: 
"How does Continuum detect a successful build?"

To something more along the lines of:

"Why doesn't Continuum detect my Maven 1 Build Results?"

Might make the purpose of the FAQ more clear? I must have seen that entry
20-30 times as I worked through the other issues, but it just never
registered in my brain cells.  

(Of course, there could be other reasons... :) )

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