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From "Todd Orr" <>
Subject Re: Break build on deprecated version
Date Wed, 03 May 2006 16:43:59 GMT
I will post this to the maven ng. However, I think this could be a
Continuum feature since Continuum is ultimately responsible for
halting the build process. How can one project that is independent of
other projects know that the version it is using is disallowed unless
some process above (Continuum in this case) disallows it?

Thanks for the input.

On 5/3/06, Carlos Henriquez <> wrote:
> That's more a Maven question.
> You can suscribe <>to the Maven
> mailing list<>and ask that, or search in
> archive <> for a
> possible answer.
> I'm interested in that answer because it would be a nice way to manage
> version dependency. I personally haven't found a way to do that
> automatically.
> I make a way creating a profile in the settings.xml of maven. It's a
> version-profile where everyone in our team writes their last version number.
> When we need a dependency from some of our projects we write in the pom ${
> someDependency.version} and that property contains the last value written in
> settings.xml. That work for us until we realized that Continuum 1.0.2 (dunno
> if 1.0.3 does) didn't read the profiles from Maven's settings.xml. It
> doesn't work for outside project either (well, it could work but you'll have
> to write every single last version from every outside project).
> If you find a better way wich works with Continuum, let me know :D

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