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Subject Re: building twice - version 1.0.3
Date Tue, 30 May 2006 17:31:33 GMT
Hi all,
   Thanks for the responses.  I actually avoid using "refresh" to keep this from happening
- I instead, as you mentioned, click the Show Proejcts link to get an update on the status.
 However, this isn't my problem.  

   Even from a freshly setup continuum project, if I click on the "Build Now" icon, continuum
builds 2 builds, one after the other.   For this example, I'm simply running "java:compile"
(I'm using M1.1-beta2), and in the first build, it prepares the filesystem, and compiles the
files (takes in total 10 seconds).  The second build right after that only takes 2 seconds
to complete, since no changes have taken place, so it essentially does nothing.

   Looking at the console output for Continuum, there seems to be 2 "enqueings" of the project
from the moment I hit the build now button.  I do nothing from the time I press the button
until the console stops generating output.  

   Any thoughts for this?


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Yes, actually, if you refresh a page generated just after a form, the form is resended when
refresh the page. You can click on Show Project link in menu instead.

We'll fix this problem in 1.1


Rick Riemer a �crit :
> Joshua,
> I've seen the same thing recently. In my case what happened is that I
> refreshed the status page to see if the build was actually started, but with
> doing that I was giving another command to start a build.
> Once I stopped refreshing no more builds happened.
> Rick
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> From: Joshua Steele [] 
> Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2006 2:35
> To:
> Subject: building twice - version 1.0.3
> All,
> 	I'm having an issue with Continuum 1.0.3 where it is building a  
> project twice, one immediately after the other.  I've scanned JIRA  
> and can't find a report.  Is this something that is known?  Any  
> details are appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Josh

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