hi all,


i’m working on a project (nagmonitor.org) where we

are trying to create a remote monitoring solution

for various CI servers.  the idea is similar to cctray

if you are familiar with that.  in any case i started

started implementing a build monitor for continuum

using the ProjectsReader from the 1.0.x branch to

fetch project status.   i have a couple questions

that i was hoping someone could answer.


first looking at the code i can’t find the place

where the xmlrpc requests are handled.  could

someone point me to the code that is behind

the endpoint?


second is there a specific endpoint that i need

to use.  the ProjectsReader sample didn’t specify

one so i figured one didn’t exist.  however when

i attempt to get the projects i can see fatal

parsing exceptions that include a reference

to </html>.  so it doesn’t look like i’m using

the right url.


thanks in advance.



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