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From "Reinhard Spisser" <>
Subject Re: Disabling a project
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2006 16:02:05 GMT
On 4/27/06, dan tran <> wrote:
> you can set a schedule to a far distant in the future, for now.

Thanks, I did not think about this.

I suggest to introduce states of the projects: active, disabled and archived
- active: continuum will check for modifications and build it
- disabled: the project remains on the same "project list" as the
active project (the continuum homepage), but the project links are
greyed out. Continuum will not check for modifications. Projects can
be enabled again to become active.
- archived: the project is not show on the main project list, but on a
"Archived Projects" tab (or something similar). These projects will
not be build, but build history will remain.

With this states, someone could write a program that disables a
project if no commits were done in the last x weeks and archives a
project if no commits were done in the last x months. Also, if a
commit is done in a disabled project then the project is enabled


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