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From "Reinhard Spisser" <>
Subject Re: running Continuum 1.0.3 without wrapper
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2006 10:33:34 GMT
On 4/26/06, Wayne Fay <> wrote:
> Reinhard, assuming you work this bug and get it working, please do
> contribute your fixes back to Continuum so it can be incorporated in
> future releases to benefit other users.

Debian-sparc is one of the few not supported platforms of wrapper.

I've tried to d/l and compile the wrapper, adding a new Makefile, but
I get compilation errors.

My intent is now to write a unsupported/ that does simply start
and stop. So users that cannot use the wrapper can use this script to
start and stop continuum. If I can get it work, I can contribute it.


Reinhard Spisser

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