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From "Ryan Wynn" <>
Subject Modules Best Practices
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2006 23:41:31 GMT

I have an m2 parent project and a couple child projects.  As I
suspected I am running into problems with Maven's relativePath stuff
in Continuum because Continuum is using numbered directories instead
of my project names as directories.

For example I have the following in the parent.


This works okay running in Maven with parent and children on the same
level of the directory structure.

But of course in Continuum child1, child2, etc, are going to live in
numbered directories.  So I get a file not found exception.

The problem also shows up in the child referencing the parent


because parent will be also be mapped to a number.

How can I work around this?  I couldn't find any others having this
problem in the archives.

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