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From "Peschier J. \(Jeroen\)" <>
Subject Multimodule import with StarTeam SCM fails
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2006 16:06:22 GMT
I am experiencing problems with importing a multimodule POM into
Continuum. Our project layout is as below:

+ ProjectA
+ ProjectB

Relevant parts of the framework.pom:


I have the StarTeam username and password defined in settings.xml. The
SCM configuration works for my local build. Continuum is running under
the same credentials as myself, so I assume Continuum will use my
current Maven 2 configuration.

The POM URL begin submitted to Continuum is:

Upon submitting, Continuum reports the following error:

    * Could not download
mework/0.1/framework/ProjectA/pom.xml: C:\Documents and
tA\pom.xml (Het systeem kan het opgegeven pad niet vinden)

Check the logs for more details.

    * Could not download
mework/0.1/framework/ProjectB/pom.xml: C:\Documents and
tB\pom.xml (Het systeem kan het opgegeven pad niet vinden)

Check the logs for more details.

>From the error messages it appears Continuum is attempting to locate the
module POMs relative to the location of the framework POM. Is that the
intended behaviour? I learned from the documentation that if modules are
listed in the POM they will be checked out. Instead of performing a
checkout it appears to traverse the repository looking for the module
POMs. What is missing here?

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