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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: Use local settings with Maven
Date Tue, 18 Apr 2006 19:21:01 GMT
1- Continuum can run as a service only with a real account
2- Continuum 1.0.2 doesn't load correctly settings because it use old maven api. This problem
fixed in 1.0.3


Carlos Henriquez a écrit :
> Hi all, I'm using Continuum with Maven 2.0.2 and I'm trying to use my local
> settings but I can't.
> There is no user folder for Continuum because it runs as a service. I don't
> want to use global settings (mavenDir/conf/settings.xml) but local settings.
> Something like ~/.m2/settings.xml
> I tried to run Continuum as a service with a Account specially made for it
> (in the service properties) but nothing happen. Maven didn't see the
> ~/.m2/settings.xml file. Maybe the account wasn't set up properly.
> Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I can't see it.

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