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Subject Re: Apparent bug, can't change group
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2006 13:55:52 GMT
I saw that this topic has allready been discussed on the list. Is there a
solution for this issue? I have got the same problem. In the group colum
all my projects have the same value: "Zuerich Tool". That was the value of
the first project I added.

This is how I can reproduce this bug on my computer:
- Unzip continuum to c:\continuum-1.0.3
- Start the server with the run.bat file
- Go to http://localhost:8080/continuum/servlet/continuum 
- Create an account (I uses "root" as username and "123" as password)
- Login 
- Click on Maven2.0+ Project and add path to pomA.xml in the "Upload POM"
- Click on Maven2.0+ Project and add path to pomB.xml in the "Upload POM"

-> Both tools have the same value in the group column.


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