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Subject Re: continuum with clearcase
Date Thu, 02 Mar 2006 17:02:25 GMT
Thanks for your reply,

Yes my working directory for sub modules are empty

I just have my scm url only at my parent module like here in my directory 
structure i have it in Modules,Module A & Module B pom.xml

so when i added this has maven2 project  and pointed the pom url to 
Modules-pom.url,  which looks like




My vob are loaded fine for Modules-pom.xml, then as i have Module A&B as 
child here then it tries to load Module A & B now, where i have entry like


so it tries to load the same view again and errors out with view already 
exists, but created all modules with empty working directory. only the top 
one has all soucecodes in it, and i was able to do build for this one(ie. 
Modules) with no problem but when it tried to build Module A / B then its 
failed with the error, it could not check out files coz view is already 

then i changed my Modules A & B pom as

This time while creating project it didn't complain, but it just created 
empty directory for Modules A & B  then when i tried to build only either 
A / B then it throws error
Cannot checkout sources.
The scm url must be on the form 'scm:' where  can be either ':' or '|'.

is there workaround for this problem??

or is it something like i need to create a seperate view for my modules A 
& B to work with them??


Emmanuel Venisse <>
03/02/2006 07:37 AM
Please respond to continuum-users

        Subject:        Re: continuum with clearcase a écrit :
> Hi All
> How multi module maven2 project works with continuum(either 1.0.2/1.0.3 
> Snapshot) and clearcase
> i have my project in clearcase has
> Modules
>     + Module A
>          +SubModuleA
>                 -pom.xml
>           +SubModuleB
>                 -pom.xml
>       -pom.xml
>      + Module B
>           +SubModuleA
>                 -pom.xml
>            +SubModuleB
>                  -pom.xml
>        - pom.xml
> - pom.xml
> Currently i'm using continuum 1.0.3 snapshot,
> Then when i added MyProject has maven2 project its loaded all my modules 

> and submodules as seperate project, then i also removed -N option -  so 
> far happy.


> But when i wanted to build only one module (like either Module A or 
> SubModule of A or SubModule of B like that) its not building for me coz 
> doesn't find any source for them, when i see the working copy for these 
> only my top project that is Modules has all the source codes, but not 
> other modules.

so your working directories for submodules are totally empty, right?

Do you have declare a <scm> in all your modules or only in parent? With 
your directory structure, 
you can declare it only in parent.

You can check the scm url of your modules by running this:
mvn help:effective-pom

Are your modules scmUrls correct?

> So is there something i'm missing here? 
> Thanks,
> Raghu 

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