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From <>
Subject RE: update in continuum
Date Fri, 31 Mar 2006 09:02:03 GMT

I suspect the use case is similar to our own situation - we have an SCM package that is not
directly supported by Maven / Continuum, and therefore we get the SCM server to shadow the
code to the build server, with Continuum configured to run against the shadowed code.

The workaround is to define your scm entry as scm:local, pointing it to the shadowed files.
Even if the use case is different (and the SCM is directly supported), you could still use
this technique to stop Continuum from pulling files from an SCM, and just use the code that
you deliberately provide in the file system.

The downside would be if you need the SCM setting to actually reflect your SCM package (ie.
to be displayed on the site generation).


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From: Emmanuel Venisse []
Sent: 30 March 2006 20:42
Subject: Re: update in continuum

No, and i don't see what is the use case.
Why do you want to run several times maven goals on the same code base?

Emmanuel a écrit :
> Is that possible in continuum to configure it so that it wont actually 
> update the source, instead just run the maven goals??
> Thanks,
> Raghu 

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