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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: Removed test still running
Date Sat, 04 Mar 2006 14:35:17 GMT
If you don't run clean goal before install ('clean install' are the defaults configuration
for a 
continuum build), you always have your tests classes in target/test-classes and surefire run
tests that exist in this directory. So if you removed test sources in your scm, compiled classes

always exists and they will be run, it's why it's recommended to always run clean goal before
to run 
other goals in a ci environment.


Lee Meador a écrit :
> I don't know quite what all is going on here but thought I'd at least
> document what is happening since it took me a while to figure out.
> I had a class in one project/jar and moved it to another project/jar. (I'll
> call it had to straighten up some dependencies to make it
> work but that's the way it goes. There was a test for that class that I
> moved as well.
> Continuum had built the projects (they were both subprojects of my parent
> project) prior to the change. When I checked in the changes, the Lookup.javaand
> were deleted in one project and added in another. When
> Continuum ran after the checkin the class file for LookupTest was still in
> the target test classes and that test got run. Since it was supposed to be
> in the other project now (along with other classes on which it depended) it
> failed all 16 tests.
> The same thing did not happen when I ran the same build from inside Eclipse.
> I use the external builds to run mvn.bat directly and not the maven eclipse
> plugin's build (which doesn't seem to work at all for me). My memory is not
> perfect but I don't beleive I have done a clean there.
> I have changed the maven target from "install" to "clean install" and it
> gets past that point now. (Of course, that revealed another problem with
> another part of my build. It's good to know these things though.)
> As I was typing, I found that other problem and things build now.
> -- Lee Meador
> Sent from gmail. My real email address is

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