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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: shell project bug with quotes or maybe long argument
Date Sat, 04 Mar 2006 14:28:54 GMT
Please, file an issue.


Lee Meador a écrit :
> I have a shell project.
> The executable is 'mvn.bat' and the argument is the long string:
> -f 00Build/pom.xml --settings "C:\Program Files\Apache Software
> Foundation\continuum-1.0.2\bin\win32\conf\settings.xml" clean install
> This argument shows up on the "info" tab for the project correctly. There is
> only one build for that project.
> When I click "edit" to change the argument, the whole argument (as shown
> above) does not appear in the text box on that web page. It's not that it
> doesn't fit in the box and I would have to get it to scroll left and right
> to see the text. It just ends where the first double quote is. I see the
> first part of the argument and the last word shown is '--settings'.
> I can work around it by copying the argument on the "info" tab to my
> clipboard and then pasting it after I click the 'edit' link.
> Thanks.
> -- Lee Meador
> Sent from gmail. My real email address is

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